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Livejournal Discussion

on Lyle's (brother of Lily Prijoles) livejournal.

responses by Marlon Esguerra, Kiwi, Lily Prijoles, etc

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I was there...
2006-08-24 11:03 pm UTC (link)
Would it be less disappointing if the video were made by non-filipinos? Would we be so mad? What if there was a point where the video was going to be made without us(Pat and crew)? Gen 1 idea would be trashed and it would've only been that hoochier video...but more hoochies and shiny cars.

From what I know:
after successfully completing "The Apl Song" video, it was last year when Pat had this idea to use this song "Bebot" to make this video, mainly having to do with Stockon Farmworkers in the 1930s and the Rizal Social club and the feel good house parties of today. It was 1 idea. It was a damn good idea. But, due to music industry politics and a year of give and take with the label, it turned into two videos and a COMPLETE compromise for Pat and the rest of the production crew. Pat had a vision for this video. It was feel good and exciting. It was fun and everyone was going to be invited. His original intention was NOT to only have hoochies dancing, and import cars. Granted there were attractive women on set, they weren't wearing turtlenecks and overalls. I was there, I didn't object, but I also didn't approve. But I believed in the Gen 1 video idea so much, that I wasn't going to let an industry interference scare us away from a REALLY GOOD idea. It was there. Gen 1 is the reason why I work with Pat. I'd give out a hundred million bottles of water to crew people and hours of volunteering, so that Pat can see his vision. The letter sent made Pat out to be like a pervert or something. They made us (his crew) look amateur and ignored the countless other projects we have worked on for the community. If you check out our website we have made numerous videos for Fil Am bands, musicians, singers from our community(FOR FREE), and our hardwork is reduced down to a bunch lip and leg shots, sexy dancing and an overplayed Filipina Auntie. We/he is being judged by 1 video, when our body of work should speak differently.

I really appreciate that we can tell our own stories whether it's MTV fluff or the deepest most historically memorable story idea. It's artistic expression. It's THAT director's vision. What I find impressive with this project, is how limited our budget was. We could have spent everything on the video the Label wanted us to make, instead of squeezing out a second with a strong historical tie to our heritage. Pat WANTED to make his 1930s themed video, no matter what. Even with money coming out of his own pocket. (Costumes from that era aren't cheap.) No Mainstream record label was going to pay us to make a video about Fil Am history, they were going to pay us to make a video about hoochies and import cars. That's what this industry comes down to. No one was offering us thousands of dollars to make videos, and no one has been. Maybe someday, we'll have enough money so that we can truly, honestly make our own movies/videos/projects. We can continue to truly represent who we are, and how we want to be portrayed. As of now, negotiating with Hollywood about culture, remains an outside "INDIE" job.

As a pinay, as a member of the Filipino American Community, as a film maker, as an activist, as an artist, as a member of 8th wonder, as a former Gab member, as a member of Kid Heroes/Xylophone Films, as a sister, as a friend, as a person trying to make change, as an imperfect person...these are my views and only my views. People can scrutinize every little detail of my statements in this comment, but it cannot be interpreted as the views of the director individually or of the crew.

much love to my peeps supporting and critiquing,
Lily Prijoles
part time producer/part time PA/full time supporter
Kid Heroes Productions

Many of the strong Pinays invited were probably at the FAHNS conference...but that's just me.

in the kidheroes mailing list, we sent out an email of support for Benito Vergara. I guess he didn't get the email.

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I was there... (cont)
2006-08-24 11:14 pm UTC (link)
oh yea... send your complaints about this posting to:
Lily P


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