Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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UPDATE 8/29/06:
So I was planning to post my first batch of answers today to some questions from the public. The truth is that NO ONE has emailed me any questions. It seems internet folks are more interested in blogging and making their arguments based on the open letter alone than asking the source. While I think some of the dialogue in these forums sparked by this is enriching, it bothers me to see personal attacks made on others based on their grammar or background. I never made these videos to see my community fighting from within and it hurts. Brother vs. Brother. Sister vs. sister. Sister vs. brother. I had hope to have a more controlled and healthy platform for this dialogue, but I feel its out of control. People are misinterpreting the letter. Haters are created. This whole thing is now on TV. And in the end, im on the outside looking in, unfocused, confused, and my spirit broken... Imagine how much more powerful this open letter would have been if we had addressed this letter "elsewhere" as a united front.

For a letter addressed to me, AJ, and Apl, I feel we should have addressed this first before it was made public. I see professors I respect and one whom I actually fought for signing this letter. I see younger sisters of people I know on this. Yet not one of them bothered to communicate with me beforehand. Even after my private response to them, only 2 of the authors replied. Is anyone curious why there are 2 versions of the video? Why did it take me over a year to get these videos made?

Talk about the issues and express your opinions. But if you actually believe myself and the producers were out there to intentionally promote a negative representation of our sisters, then you really need to do your research first...


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